Don't bash Redskins, Part 1 In the Jan. 23 edition of...


January 30, 2000

Don't bash Redskins, Part 1

In the Jan. 23 edition of The Sun, Jack Smolenski, a self-proclaimed Washington Redskins hater, celebrated the Redskins' playoff loss and predicted that the Ravens would "pound them into fine sand next year."

Clearly, these are two teams on the rise that could even meet in a future Super Bowl, but Smolenski should take an honest look at the two teams before predicting a big win for the Ravens.

The Redskins' quarterback, running back and wide receivers are among the league's elite. The Ravens have an excellent defense, but enjoy far less talent at the offensive skill positions.

The Redskins' defense improved significantly late in the season and will be further strengthened by their three first-round draft picks and an improved coaching staff.

Smolenski's criticism of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is unfair, too. In my opinion, Snyder is the best owner in professional sports. He is willing to spend what it takes to win and he demands accountability. The same philosophy that made him a winner in business transformed the Redskins from a losing team to one that won its division and a playoff game.

As for Smolenski's celebration of the Redskins' playoff loss: At least they were there, Jack.

Shawn Blair, Lutherville

Don't bash Redskins, Part 2

I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about the bashing of Washington-area sports teams. Why can't the Baltimore sports media be more objective in their reporting of Washington teams, as their profession demands?

Almost everyone in the media bashes Washington sports teams, especially the Redskins. Week after week in The Sun, the sportswriters continually pick against the Redskins. And, most of the time, the Redskins prove their predictions wrong.

The Baltimore media pick against the Redskins because they don't like any team from Washington and because they can't stand it when the Redskins win.

As for Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal, what right does he have to bash Daniel Snyder, especially after the Ravens had a mediocre season and Washington made the playoffs? Why doesn't Rosenthal bash other NFL owners? Because he's prejudiced against Washington.

The sports media in Baltimore should show a little more class and respect to their neighbor city.

David Walczak, Baltimore

Support the BayRunners

I recently attended my first BayRunners game with my 10-year-old son, and I have never had such a pleasant experience at a professional sporting event.

It started with the ushers, who greeted us warmly as we entered the arena, and it continued with the gentleman in the ticket booth, who sold us two very reasonably priced seats.

After we were seated, a gentleman came over, introduced himself and asked if we would like to be upgraded to courtside seats. Looking at his business card, this gentleman turned out to be the president and general manager of the team.

After moving courtside, a referee gave my son the ball to hold during a timeout. Later, a woman gave us a voucher for a free ticket to a future game.

I urge basketball fans throughout the metro area to support this team, particularly in an era when far too many teams take their fans for granted.

Haven N. Shoemaker Jr., Hampstead

Hendricks where he belongs

Elrod Hendricks is a Baltimore icon. His years of indefatigable service to the public representing the Orioles' image are a treasure not to be lost.

Hendricks transcends ethnic and age barriers. His work ethic is unsurpassed. Can one imagine the bullpen without him?

Thank God we will see No. 44 where he belongs in April, as the bullpen coach.

Karen Sanzone, Jarrettsville

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