" 'Two and Too Much' by Mildred Pitts Walter is about a...

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January 30, 2000

" 'Two and Too Much' by Mildred Pitts Walter is about a boy named Brandon who had hard trouble with his sister, so his mother said if his sister got into anything, she will do the cleaning. I like this story because my little brother always gets into everything, too."

-- Antonique Peterson, Running Brook Elementary

"The 'Magnificent Mummy Maker' by Elvira Woodruff is about a boy named Andy Manetti, who has a stepbrother named Jason. Andy calls Jason 'Mr. Gifted' because he can do everything better than Andy. Andy had to do a school project on the Egyptian culture. I liked this book because it talked about mummies and how the Egyptians mummified people and because the story had to do with being average to becoming magnificent."

-- Chris Kelly, Westchester Elementary

"If you like stories about friendship, you should read 'Bridge to Terabitha' by Katherine Paterson. Two friends, Jess and Leslie, create a fantasy world where they can escape their problems and fears. A terrible tragedy helps one of them learn to face his enemies. This book made me think about what it means to be a friend!"

-- Emma Larkin, Jacksonville Elementary

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