'Ralph': He's red and he's rotten

Character Profile

January 30, 2000|By Tricia Eller

Rotten Ralph, a candy-apple red cat who's definitely not sweet, drives his owner, Sarah, nuts. Ralph is always doing the wrong thing and always in trouble. It's no wonder, his personal code is "to be rotten," and his favorite things are begging, hissing and being sneaky. Whether he's sabotaging Sarah's plans, pouting on his birthday or trying his antics in feline finishing school, Rotten Ralph promises a wickedly fun romp to the routes that are better choices than his.

To join Rotten Ralph on some of his rambunctious adventures, check out these titles by Jack Gantos:

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"Worse Than Rotten, Ralph"

"Happy Birthday Rotten Ralph"

"Rotten Ralph's Rotten Romance"

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