50 Years Ago: Westminster Scores Over Bel Air...


January 30, 2000

50 Years Ago: Westminster Scores Over Bel Air Dribblers-Herb Ruby's Westminster High School Owls outclassed the Belair High School dribblers, 47-17, Friday night on the Westminster floor. The Westminster girls won from the Belair girls in the preliminary game. Westminster's varsity cagers took a 15-5 lead in the first period of the feature game and won as they wished. Coach ruby made many substitutions, giving his entire squad an opportunity to gain experience. Bob Settle was high scorer with fourteen points. Friday night's victory was the fifth in nine starts for the Owls. Tuesday night they were host to the Delone Catholic High School Squires of McSherrystown, Democratic Advocate, January 27, 1950.

75 Years Ago: Robbed of $126 By Hold Up - A Cleveland car occupied by two people was held up in the covered bridge that spans the Monocacy River at Bridgeport Tuesday night by bandits in a Dodge cir without license tags. The bandits drove their car on the bridge and crowded the road compelling the Cleveland are to stop. The occupants were robbed of a sum of money, amounting to $126, and forced to give up their car in order for the highwaymen to escape leaving them helpless for awhile. After driving the car for several miles it was left at the side of the road, where it was found, but the highwaymen had disappeared. Democratic Advocate January 30, 1924.

100 Years Ago: Mr. Tine Menchey, 1 mile north of town, while digging an ice house a week or more ago, when it was about 2 1/2 feet deep noticed his turkeys on the bank of fresh dirt chirping and pickingup something which they seemed to enjoy. This attracted Mr. M's. attention and upon examination he found them feasting upon locusts. They were of a red color, well formed but in a dormant state. Mr. M. gathered about a pint and put them in a bottle. The next day they were quite lively in the warm room and continued so for several days. The digging was done under an apple tree and along a post and rail fence, and the nearer to the fence the greater the find, which was continued to a depth of nearly 5 feet. Mr. M., during the last weeks, has dug a cellar for a new house on another part of this farm, but found no signs of locusts at any time. American Sentinel, January 27, 1900.

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