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Howard At Play

January 28, 2000|By SUN STAFF

Indoor soccer in a rink means the dasherboards often function as an extra teammate, whether you're attacking or defending. Tips about one of soccer's most fundamental elements of teamwork, the "wall pass" or "give-and-go" pass, as done indoors:

* Always, at either end or the field: If a nearby teammate has the ball, move yourself quickly away from opponents to make it easy for him or her to pass to you.

* If you have the ball: You should see at least two passing options -a moving teammate or off the wall to a teammate. Sometimes in tight quarters, you can pass off the wall to yourself. And if the angles just right, a strong kick off the end-wall to a breaking teammate can result in a goal. (Once you pass, anywhere, always remember to move immediately to a clear spot for, possibly, a return pass.)

* On defense: Try to stop attackers from getting past you along the walls, steering them instead toward the fields middle, where more of your teammates are available to help.

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