Get ready to print your own tickets

January 28, 2000|By New York Times News Service

NEW YORK -- In a plan that at first blush sounds like a scalper's dream, TicketMaster-Online CitySearch Inc. said this week that starting in April, it would allow customers to print tickets to events directly from their computer printers.

Tom Stockham, executive vice president of TicketMaster-Online CitySearch, said consumers would need no additional software or hardware for the service.

"All they need is a printer with 300 dpi [dots per inch] or better," Stockham said.

And scalpers need not salivate. Stockham said the tickets, which will print out on a standard-size sheet of paper, would include a bar code to ensure that only one person would occupy a given seat.

Once that ticket was scanned at the gate, no one with a ticket bearing the same bar code would be allowed to enter.

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