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Wrestling meets receive priority for rescheduling

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January 27, 2000|By Edward Lee | Edward Lee,SUN STAFF

The recent snowfall has played havoc on high school sports schedules in Carroll County, where athletic directors are scrambling to find open dates.

The most immediate priority is making up wrestling meets before Feb. 5, which is the last day to wrestle that would count toward the dual-meet regionals.

"We have only a two-week window to work with," said Leo Totten, athletic director at Francis Scott Key. "If this happened in December, we would have a two-month window. It just intensifies things."

North Carroll athletic director Bill Rumbaugh said his biggest concern is rescheduling basketball games before the statewide open draw Feb. 20.

"We need to get those games done by then for teams that could be seeded in the top four," Rumbaugh said. "Someone like the Westminster boys who could be one of those four seeds in the regional or our girls who could be a top seed want to play their games before the draw."

Liberty athletic director Ken Johnson said postponed varsity basketball games might force school officials to reschedule those games on nights reserved for freshmen teams.

"If push comes to shove, the varsity games might take one of those away," he conceded. "It makes our work a lot more difficult."

Howard County sports were not affected by this week's storm because no athletic events were scheduled because this is exam week. Postponed events scheduled for last Friday have been moved to Monday.

In Anne Arundel County, Tuesday's games have been rescheduled for Monday, giving the public schools three games next week.

Harford County teams have fallen far behind in scheduling, with most basketball teams needing to make up three or four games before regional playoffs begin Feb. 25. In addition to Friday's snow day, most teams have not yet made up games from Jan. 19, which were postponed to allow those involved in athletics to attend a county budget hearing.

"It's getting harder and harder [to reschedule games]," said Fran Matthews, athletic director at North Harford. "While we have plenty of time to reschedule from last Wednesday, now we've added games from Friday and Tuesday on top of that. We're getting in a position where a lot of weeks already have three games, so we have to juggle to find a space in both teams' schedules."

Matthews has managed to reschedule last week's postponements. She said she planned to work on makeup dates for Tuesday's and today's games as soon as school reopens.

Wrestling teams in Harford County have fared better, missing just one dual meet.

Time is tighter in Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland girls basketball, where several coaches must fit in two postponed games before the postseason tournament begins Feb. 14.

In Baltimore County, yesterday's basketball games were the first lost to a snow day. They will be rescheduled on a school-by-school basis, said Ron Belinko, coordinator of athletics for the county.

Indoor track and wrestling, however, have not fared so well.

The county indoor track championships, scheduled for yesterday, will be moved to Wednesday at 3: 45 at the 5th Regiment Armory. The fresh-soph meet scheduled that day will be canceled.

Tuesday's full slate of county wrestling meets had to be postponed, coming on the heels of last Thursday's snowed-out meets. They also will be rescheduled by athletic directors.

Despite three snow days in Baltimore County within the last five school days, Belinko said there is no cause for concern.

"It's going to be panic time if it snows next week and we lose that track meet," said Belinko, "because that's a big meet. For the other sports, we have time even if [the effects of Tuesday's storm are] worse than anticipated and we're off for more than a couple days."

Baltimore City coordinator of athletics Bob Wade said games postponed this week likely will be played next week, with rescheduling also being up to individual schools.

Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association executive secretary Rick Diggs said: "Each school has their own policy. Some schools, like Spalding, can't have activities if their school is closed. Loyola can."

Diggs said he doubts the closings will affect the MIAA B and C Conference championship basketball games, slated for Feb. 26 at Gilman.

"Even if it becomes a problem making those games up, we can bump the championships back a week and it shouldn't be a problem because we're not renting a facility outside of the organization."

Diggs said, however, that "making up matches in wrestling could be a problem."

The dual meet championship, which is determined by the MIAA's dual matchups, could be affected if the meets can't be made up.

There is little flexibility for rescheduling the MIAA wrestling tournament, being held Feb. 11-12 at Mount St. Joseph. The independent schools state tournament is the following weekend, followed by the National Preps the next weekend.

Katherine Dunn and Lem Satterfield contributed to this article.

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