Former Colt goes without a coat


Candid Closet: Austrian native Toni Linhart forgoes outerwear because, his wife says, `he's never cold.'

January 27, 2000|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

We're not being risque to say that former Colts kicker Toni Linhart doesn't like to wear much. The 57-year-old Timonium resident and native of Austria simply is impervious to the cold and has no need for a winter coat. Even during this week's near-blizzard conditions, he did without. Linhart, who runs a distribution company near PSINet Stadium, prefers cotton sweaters and tailored slacks and an occasional suit. He's on the tennis court daily at Greenspring Racquet Club, looking his best, as well, in solid whites, blacks, greens and reds.

This Sunday, he'll be decked out in his usual cozy but fastidious garb while watching the Super Bowl at home with wife Renate, who is his personal shopper and fashion adviser.

"She just bought me a leather jacket that's absolutely beautiful," Linhart says. And beyond the basics, he happily defers to Renate for the sartorial details. After a few leading questions, Candid Closet will do the same.

What's your style on the tennis court?

I'm like the Oakland Raiders. They don't look good the way they dress, but they look good the way they play. I'll wear shorts with logos from LSU, where my son made the varsity soccer team as a walk-on and from Loyola, where he went to high school.

Do you shop in Europe?

I grew up in Vienna and lived there until I was 31. There are things you want to stick with, like a certain kind of skin lotion. I go to Europe once or twice a year. That's where I buy my shoes. Mostly Bally shoes from Italy.

Who chooses your sweaters?

That's Renate. She does great.

Do you still have your Colts uniform?

I have plenty of old Colts stuff in the attic.

What do you wear on the slopes?

I grew up skiing. I don't fall when I ski. I wear whatever I have on when I get there. Put skis on me, and I look good.

Whose uniform do you like better, the Titans or the Rams?

The Titans; that's my team.

Where do you shop here?

Call my wife. She knows the names of the stores.

Mrs. Linhart, where do you shop for your husband?

I used to go to J. Schoeneman's for suits and tuxedos, but they closed. I always find nice things in Nordstrom.

What are your guiding principles for choosing your husband's clothes?

Whatever I see that looks good, I get it. I know my husband; we've been married 30 years.

Why no overcoat?

He wants everything lightweight. He has never owned a coat. He's never cold. But you should see his sweater department. And everything is always nice and folded.

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