Vitamins boost hearty soups Item: Campbell's Plus...


January 26, 2000|By Joanne E. Morvay

Vitamins boost hearty soups

Item: Campbell's Plus! soups

What you get: 2 servings

Cost: About $2

Preparation time: Heat until hot on stove top, 4 minutes in microwave

Review: Just in time for prime soup season, Campbell's has introduced a new line, which tempts adult palates with the added benefit of extra vitamins. The Plus! soups are advertised as "a Good Source of Calcium and 7 Essential Vitamins," including vitamins A, C, E and various forms of vitamin B. The Hearty Pasta and Vegetables in Chicken Broth offers a good mix of veggies including corn, celery and carrots in a smooth broth, which we spiced up with a dash of Tabasco. The Roasted Vegetables With Barley and Wild Rice is just as hearty. And its tangy flavor needed no extra jolt. Other flavors include Tomato Garden Vegetable and Hearty Minestrone. These soups may be good for you. But, even better, they're just plain good.

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