"The book 'The Littles Take a Trip' by John Peterson is...

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January 26, 2000

"The book 'The Littles Take a Trip' by John Peterson is an adventure. It's about tiny people. They were different from regular people because they had tails. They lived with the Bigg Family. They wanted to meet other tiny people. They sent a letter to a tiny family inviting them to a party. The Littles also said they would visit their home. They visited the Speck Family. Their home was inside a tree. I would recommend this book because it tells how people can get together to help each other solve a problem."

-- Dominique Evans, Grove Park Elementary

"I thought 'What Was I Scared of?' by Dr. Seuss is a wonderful book. I like this book because the little man said he was not scared of anything, but when he saw the pants with nobody inside them, he was scared. Finally, they made friends."

-- Rachel Amber Kenney, Church Lane Elementary

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