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January 26, 2000

What is your favorite

Super Bowl memory?

Brett Favre, quarterback, Green Bay Packers: "I changed a play at the line of scrimmage in my first Super Bowl, in 1997. It was the third play of the game. It went for a touchdown. We hadn't run that play all season. What a way to start the Super Bowl!"

Charles Haley, linebacker, San Francisco 49ers: "I remember watching my teammate Joe Montana throw the winning touchdown pass in 1989. I was standing on the sideline. There were 34 seconds to play. I thought, 'If anyone can pull off the win, it's Joe.' And he did it. That was a good lesson: If you believe, anything is possible."

Troy Aikman, quarterback, Dallas Cowboys: "We were 1--15 in 1989. A lot of those players were still on the team when we won the Super Bowl in 1993. It was my first Super Bowl. Seeing the faces of those guys after we won was so meaningful, knowing how much we had been kicked around."



Why does Bernie Williams of the New York Yankees draw a line in front of his feet before he bats?

-- Matthew S., 13, Rockville, Maryland


Bernie draws a line to help him decide when to swing. "I have to be careful not to swing at inside pitches," he says. "I try to swing only at pitches that I have to step over the line to reach. If I don't have to step over the line, I know the pitch is inside." The trick works. Bernie batted .342, with 25 homers, in 1999.

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