Albright rebuts Helms criticisms, reiterates U.S. support for U.N.


UNITED NATIONS -- Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright reminded the Security Council yesterday who is in charge of U.S. foreign policy.

Her statement followed Thursday's criticisms of the United Nations by Sen. Jesse Helms, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, in a speech to the Security Council, coupled with his warning that Americans would cast the organization off if it failed to meet their demands.

Only the president of the United States can speak for the American people, Albright said.

"Today, on behalf of the president, let me say that the Clinton administration -- and I believe that most Americans -- see our role in the world and our relationship to this organization quite differently than does Senator Helms," Albright said.

"We strongly support the United Nations charter and the organization's purpose. We recognize its many contributions to our own interest in a more secure, democratic and humane world."

The secretary of state described Helms as a man with strong convictions who had his own point of view about the United Nations.

Helms argued that the anti-communist Reagan doctrine had made the world democratic without the help of the United Nations.

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