Photo fun with Bugs and Friends

January 24, 2000|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Of course, you are an adult, and Looney Tunes Photofun is software built for young kids. But it's well worth a look.

First, if there are youngsters between 5 and 10 in your life, this $30 Windows program is one of the best wholesome computer diversions the tykes are likely to find.

Secondly, Bugs Bunny on the box aside, the software working behind the scenes is a version of MGI's extremely powerful PhotoSuite that makes this a handy little utility for adults to use to quickly tweak digital photos and other artwork: cropping, changing brightness and contrast, and adding text over the image.

And when children start exploring this inexpensive title, they'll find delightfully simple guidance from Bugs, Tasmanian Devil and Daffy Duck, who show them how to import their own pictures and transform them into playtime crafts such as stickers and party invitations.

Pictures can come from a scanner, a digital camera, Kodak Photo CDs, floppy disks or Web sites. A prop room includes all kinds of Warner Brothers clip art including the Looney Tunes characters themselves and objects such as carrots, Yosemite Sam-type mustaches and balloons. A special effects module offers a variety of Photoshop-type filters to make images swirl, blur and bubble.

Finally, the software makes quick work of sending finished projects to grandparents and other relatives by e-mail and posting on a Web site.

Information: or 888-644-7638.

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