WBAL sells out on Sandusky The Jan. 13 article...


January 23, 2000

WBAL sells out on Sandusky

The Jan. 13 article, "Sandusky signing off from SportsLine," detailed how WBAL Radio host Gerry Sandusky will involuntarily be leaving his show at the end of February. Regardless of how carefully worded the article was, it is apparent that the powerful Orioles saw to it that Sandusky be removed from his duties because he didn't toe the Orioles' line.

He wasn't enough of a "homer," which was Jon Miller's cardinal sin, according to owner Peter Angelos.

Sandusky actually dared to speak his mind and offer criticism if he saw fit. Yet, the article states that Sandusky's removal was not related to his comments.

Isn't it a coincidence that this is all happening when spring training starts? My question is, did WBAL Radio have to agree to provide a new "SportsLine" host in order to continue as the Orioles' flagship station?

"SportsLine" with Sandusky is a wonderfully informative and entertaining show. It is stimulating for fans to listen to honest and critical sports talk. Nothing is more boring than listening to a show in which the hosts are merely Orioles apologists.

As the flagship station, WBAL Radio has decided it must put aside interesting and sometimes controversial commentary with a popular host in favor of pleasing the big boss, Angelos. He signs the contracts, and in today's world, money talks and Sandusky walks.

Ruth M. Fleishman, Baltimore

Wrestling decision is wrong

I am writing regarding the decision of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association not to break the wrestling heavyweight class into smaller increments.

Perhaps MPSSAA officials need to see one of their own sons walk out onto the wrestling mat facing an opponent who has 50, 60, even up to 80 pounds on them. In no other weight class is this considered a safe weight disparity.

When a lighter heavyweight gets seriously injured in a match because of the failure of officials to use common sense in protecting the safety of high school wrestlers, the MPSSAA will deserve every lawsuit it gets.

Dottie Lee-Doyle, Baltimore

Snyder produced a winner

In his column of Jan. 13 ("Let rejoicing Redskins sing `Danny Boy' while they can"), Ken Rosenthal's comparison of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to Orioles owner Peter Angelos lacks a few additional points.

Snyder's "meddling" produced a winning season for Washington fans, while the Orioles have gotten worse under Angelos.

Also, the media continue to characterize a post-game meeting between Snyder and Norv Turner after a loss to Dallas as "undermining" the coach. The fact is, Snyder and Turner meet after every game, win or lose.

Of course, it must be a slow day in Baltimore when Rosenthal has to fill space with his version of "Name That Tune" for a potential Redskins NFC title game.

This kind of Redskins bashing is sour grapes.

Tony Scuto, Ellicott City

Redskins haters, unite

What a great start of the millennium for all of us Redskins haters -- a one-point playoff loss. It doesn't get any better than that.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder can point to so many culprits, he might not be able to find a team when the Ravens pound them into fine sand next year.

But wait, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's savor the moment. How sweet it is!

Jack Smolenski, Ellicott City

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