Sophisticated ladies Liz Claiborne's spring collection...


January 23, 2000|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Sun Staff

Sophisticated ladies

Liz Claiborne's spring collection can be best described in two words: feminine and sophisticated. Florals, embroidered blouses, silk taffeta shirts, soft pastels and bright splashes of yellow, pink and orange are some of the hallmarks.

Some looks we liked:

* Saffron silk taffeta shirt ($89)

* Poppy print cotton sleeveless dress ($119)

* Pink frosting nylon-spandex shirt ($34), paired with pink sorbet silk taffeta wrap skirt with modern Taj border ($119)

Forward march to these khakis

The need: The perfect pair of khakis.

The specs: Trousers that are classic and tough, simple and stylish, comfortable but not sloppy, cool but not trendy or

fussy. We're talking khakis that would look equally great paired with a white T-shirt and sneakers, black turtleneck and boots, or flat, strappy sandals and a little tank. Khakis worthy of both Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn.

The winner: Dockers K-1 Khakis.

The reason: Flat-front, button-fly waist sits low on the hips. The straight wide-leg fits nicely. And the fabric -- tough, durable Cramerton Army Cloth, developed by the armed forces in 1932 -- is soft and sturdy. In addition, the unisex pants are free of showy labels.

The rest: K-1 Khakis cost $65 at Hecht's, in the men's department, or online at

A little morning madness

The recent arrival in the mail of the New Basics Coloring Brush, a hairbrush that also distributes hair coloring evenly into your hair ($30, available by calling 888-900-9922), got us thinking.

Combination health and beauty products could really cut down on lengthy morning beauty regimens and give users an extra 40 winks. Some ideas:

* Toothpaste-filled doughnuts. So tasty and minty-fresh.

* Cars with mascara and lipstick dispensers in the dashboard instead of lighters.

* Caffeinated shampoo for bubbles that pack a jolt.

* Shaving cream/half and half. Mmmmm, creamy.

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