" 'Light' by David Burnie is my favorite book. It helps...

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January 23, 2000

" 'Light' by David Burnie is my favorite book. It helps me learn more about light. It is very colorful and bright. It teaches many things about light. Also, I can do many things from this book to make light. This is why this book is my favorite."

-- Marquise Culp, Leith Walk Elementary

"I like the story 'The Secret of Foghorn Island' by Geoffrey Hayes. It was funny because it had green men in it. The green men went out on a boat and they saw a green boy come out of the water. They let him up on the boat, and he went to live with them. The book was good because it wasn't too hard to read. It wasn't too easy. It was just right."

-- Amanda Bradbury, Perry Hall Elementary

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