Virtually Insane: A tale from the Internet frontier

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January 23, 2000

In 1991, Baltimore-born Marc Singer graduated from college in the midst of a recession, knowing little of computers or e-mail and unable to find a job. By 1999, at age 30, he was running togglethis -- a struggling Internet company whose unique interactive technology threatened to shake up the online world -- if it managed to survive.

Marc's story -- told in nine episodes beginning next Sunday in Arts & Society (and online at -- is a look inside the real world of the virtual world: from starving entrepreneurs with big ideas to the corporate "suits" who offer them big dollars, from a Bill-Gates-hating programmer named Raj to a feisty interactive cartoon beaver named Bozlo. "Virtually Insane" is a documentary of the Digital Age -- and the timeless story of a dreamer hoping to change the world.

Pub Date: 1/23/00

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