Financial plan about order, peace of mind

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January 21, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

"GENUINE financial planning is not only about earning the highest return," says Financial Perspectives. "Top planners also help you reduce financial stress, plan for retirement, pay off student and other loans, save taxes, meet insurance needs and make sure your estate plan is in order."

"When investing for the long haul, calculate the amount you need to save, sock away 10 to 15 percent of your after-tax income, seek professional help, learn the basics, identify an investment strategy, and consult experts when necessary." (Black Enterprise)

"Sometimes it pays to buy inexpensive stocks in fast-growing companies," says Bill Thomason, value stock manager and contrarian. He lists these "temporarily troubled" stocks: Allstate Corp., Chiron Corp., Citigroup Inc., Global Crossing Ltd. and Informix Corp.

"Buy companies with strong fundamentals, solid firms in growing fields whose problems will prove temporary. Follow the company, collect analysts' reports, read trade publications." (John Neff, money manager)

"About 75 percent of stocks that split outperform the market significantly." (Robert Perry, editor, Right Line Report)

"Even if Alan Greenspan decides, belatedly, that it's time to end the fun, convergence of Internet stocks and reality may arrive a lot earlier than expected." (John Cassidy, financial writer, in The New Yorker)

"Even if index funds don't beat actively managed funds, their low expenses and tax efficiency make them the best choice for investors." (Sheldon Jacobs, editor, No-Load Fund Investor)

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