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January 19, 2000

What's the Call?


THE GATORS ARE PLAYING THE BULLDOGS IN A Pop Warner football game. The Gators have the ball on the Bulldog 14-yard line. It is fourth down and five yards to go for a first down.

Ben Miller of the Gators is lined up to try a 30-yard field goal. The ball is snapped to the holder. As Ben steps forward to kick the ball, Bulldog cornerback Tom Levey jumps onto the back of one of his linemen.

Boom! Ben kicks the ball. Whack! Tom reaches up and blocks the kick.

Tom jumps down and celebrates his big play. But the Gators say Tom's trick is illegal.

You're the referee. What the Call?


You call illegal personal contact on Tom. A player may not jump on a teammate's back to block a field goal. The Bulldogs receive a 15-yard penalty. It is now first down and goal for the Gators.


Which photo does not belong with the other three photos in the group?

ANSWER: C. Emitt Smith is the only player who does not play for a New York team.

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