Herb Graff,74, who devoted most of his life to...

Deaths Elsewhere

January 17, 2000

Herb Graff,74, who devoted most of his life to collecting, preserving and showing movies, died of heart failure Jan. 9 at his home in Manhattan. Graff began collecting movies as a teen-ager, buying one-reelers and even scraps of film discarded by film companies. His collection grew to several hundred features and more than 1,000 shorts, and his calling card read simply, "Film Resource."

Estrongo Nachama, 81, who survived the Holocaust by singing for Nazi guards at Auschwitz and later employed his tenor to help revive Jewish life in Berlin, died Thursday of heart failure.

David Mellinkoff, 85, a lawyer, professor and writer who waged a fierce and clever battle against lawyerly language -- "contagious verbosity" in his phrase -- died Dec. 31 in Los Angeles.

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