Save -A-Heart boxing


January 16, 2000|By SLOANE BROWN

Maybe it was the banners advertising a hair-growth medicine hanging around the Hyatt Regency ballroom, or the fact that most of the 600 people there were men. But testosterone filled the air for the third annual "Fight" to Save-A-Heart boxing event.

The mostly masculine mob was served a three-course dinner, followed by four bouts of boxing in a ring set up in the middle of the room.

Among the fight fans: Mitchell Paige, Save-A-Heart president; Jeff Pritzker, past president; Morry Zolet, Save-A-Heart board chair; Marla Shuman, Ira K. Himmel and Sam Winik, board trustees; Marty Schwartz, president of Precision Tune Auto Care; Tom Paullin, executive director, Union Memorial Hospital Foundation; Chuck McGeehan, ESPN sportswriter; Steve Rouse, WQSR radio morning man; Darric Boyd, Legg Mason financial adviser; Eric Becker, chairman of Sterling Capital Ltd.; Steve Adelsberg and Elio Casalena, sales leaders for Tom James Co. clothier; and Dr. Jeff Quartner, Sinai Hospital director of cardiology.

The slam-bang event took in some $30,000 for vital cardiac equipment for Baltimore area hospitals, medical centers and volunteer fire companies.

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