Jan. 16, 1850 -- THE CARRYING OF OYSTERS by the mail...

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January 15, 2000|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

Jan. 16, 1850 -- THE CARRYING OF OYSTERS by the mail stages between Cumberland and Cincinnati, thus retarding the mail going West; as alleged some time since by the St. Louis Republican, is positively denied by the postmaster at Cumberland.

Jan. 18, 1900 -- Health Commissioner James is having made a thorough inspection of the public school buildings of the city, in order to ascertain the sanitary and health conditions that exist. The work is being done by Inspector John C. Eichner. In the reports so far submitted by Inspector Eichner the most pronounced feature shown is inadequate air space. Fresh pure air is especially necessary to growing humanity.

Jan. 18, 1950 -- The "drape," postwar sartorial successor to the zoot suiter, wants the world to know that, though he's no square and he may wear black zaks, he's still a human being. Local drapes -- teen-agers who glory in pegged cuffs, pastel pink shirts and hair as long as seaweed -- are still up in arms against a recreation hall policy that bars the lover of drape trousers, drape hair and dancing from stepping out to the music.

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