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January 13, 2000

Gamers are in for fight of their lives

In "Soul Calibur" ($40, Sega Dreamcast), you must test your might and soul if you want to stand a chance against some of the fiercest martial-arts warriors ever seen in a fighting game.

Each of the game's 10 warriors has his or her reasons for fighting. Gamers choose one of the fighters to battle against the others in a series of duels. If you defeat your opponents, you then face the fiendish Inferno in a final showdown over the world's fate.

The sights and sounds of "Soul Calibur" are unmatched by any other 3D fighting game to date. Suspenseful matches with amazing graphics make you crawl back for more. Controlling every character can be done fluidly and solidly. New moves and cool motion-capture animation enable fighters to pull off lifelike duels.

With its amazing animation, in-depth storyline and secrets to unlock, "Soul Calibur" can draw you in for hours upon hours. Don't rent "Soul Calibur" -- buy it. It's worth every cent.

Adventure in reading

Is your teacher nagging you for a book report? A Web site called Book Adventure (www.bookadventure.com) is designed to keep you flipping pages. For starters, this site has more than 3,000 book suggestions. Register on the site, pick what kinds of books you like to read (Westerns, romances, nature books, you name it) and enter what grade level you read at. A list of books will pop up.

You can't read the books online; you have to get them from the library or bookstore. But -- and here's the good part -- for every book you do read, you can earn points for prizes. Just go back to Book Adventure after you're done with a book and take the Quiz-O-Matic. The quiz asks questions about what you've read. The more points you earn, the closer you are to winning a prize.

Now that's a site worth bookmarking, huh?

Not so spicy now

It looks as if the Spice Girls' red-hot popularity has fizzled in their homeland of Britain. Two years ago, the all-girl band was voted the Best British Group by Smash Hits, a British magazine. This year, the gals were crowned the Worst Group of 1999 by Smash Hits. And if that wasn't bad enough, Sporty Spice (bottom) snagged top honors for Worst Female Singer, Worst Single, Worst Video, Most Tragic Haircut and Worst Dressed Person. Better luck in 2000, Sporty!

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