Education first

January 12, 2000

CHRIS Weinke, the grand old man of college football, will return to Florida State University for his senior year at age 28. Mature students are said to be the best.

Mr. Weinke's place in the legend of sport is secure. He spurned higher education in pursuit of a baseball career, only to remain mired in the minor leagues. And so he went off to college and football -- too old for such a career change, according to conventional wisdom.

He threw Florida State to the national championship this season over the best efforts of an upstart Virginia Tech team.

Mr. Weinke then shocked the industry by announcing his greatest ambition is to lead Florida State to another championship as the best amateur quarterback in the land.

Perhaps then he will have a truncated pro career, limited, say, to five years at $2 million per. Mr. Weinke is an educated man. He can do the math.

There are two morals here for young scholar-athletes. One, stay in school. Two, stay in the pocket and hit the downfield receiver.

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