Who's being petty: Mayor O'Malley or The Sun? I'm sorry...


January 12, 2000

Who's being petty: Mayor O'Malley or The Sun?

I'm sorry to see The Sun has carried the low-road tactics of some of last year's mayoral candidates into this new year.

Its description of Mayor Martin O'Malley in the editorial "O'Malley's pettiness shines through again" (Jan. 5) as a "schoolyard bully" is almost as reprehensible as the depiction of Mr. O'Malley during the campaign as a drunken leprechaun.

I'm delighted to see that the mayor answered you in kind on Jan. 6.

The editors endorsed one of the losers in the Democratic primary campaign last year, but the voters chose the winner.

Get over yourselves and join the citizenry of Baltimore in giving the new mayor the support and encouragement he needs in order to turn this city around.

Ellen S. Karp


The Sun's editorial board has not gotten over the fact that Martin O'Malley won in spite of its endorsement of another mayoral candidate.

Mr. O'Malley has a right to name his own appointees. Give him a break.

The Sun's disrespectful editorial was answered by the mayor in kind. Touche.

Frances C. Sweeney


Accusing Mayor O'Malley of acting from past political vendettas reveals pettiness on The Sun's part, not Mr. O'Malley's.

The Sun should report the news and give Mr. O'Malley a chance to right the numerous wrongs that are plaguing the city.

Has he been in office a month yet? He deserves better treatment than this.

David Michael O'Beirne


It must have been a slow news day to cause The Sun to focus on Mayor O'Malley's removal of Edward J. Brody from the city school board.

As a rule, newly elected administrations slice through opponents and remnants of past administrations like a scythe through a field of tall wheat.

How many people from the Schaefer administration survived Kurt L. Schmoke's first days as mayor? It appears that Martin O'Malley is just being more forthright and honest in his actions.

The mayor's response to The Sun's criticism illustrated his wit and humor. Levity can serve the press as well as the mayor.

Mark S. Fosler


Thank you for printing Mayor Martin O'Malley's recent letter (Jan. 6). Mayor O'Malley has demonstrated a lack of pettiness and vindictiveness, in spite of the prodigious quantities of mud that were slung at him during the recent election.

How refreshing to have a mayor who can laugh at himself and shrug off the The Sun's nitpicking editorial criticizing his decision not to retain Edward Brody.

Let the man pick his own appointees.

Maria Garriott


The mayor, one; the paper, zero

I am writing in response to The Sun's editorial "O'Malley's pettiness shines through again" (Jan. 5) and Mr. O'Malley's Jan. 6 letter in response:

O'Malley -- 1

The Sun -- 0

William Huppert


It's nice to have a mayor with a sense of humor

Mayor Martin O'Malley's response to The Sun's editorial(Jan. 6) was a hoot. It was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time, as it was meant to be.

Lighten up and laugh at yourself down there at The Sun. A sense of humor can take a person a long way, and apparently it has done so for Mr. O'Malley.

Laura Albers


Well, I am convinced. After reading Mayor O'Malley's rebuttal to The Sun's Jan. 5 editorial attacking the mayor's "juvenile tantrums," I am convinced that he has the humor, spirit and determination this city needs to turn itself around.

Mary L. Byrnes


Wow, a mayor evidencing both intelligence and a sense of humor.

I am impressed. For the first time in years, there may be hope for Baltimore.

Virginia B. Laire


I would like to compliment Mr. O'Malley on his response to The Sun's overwrought Jan. 5 editorial.

Nothing in Mr. O'Malley's approach indicates that he is taking his new position less than seriously.

However, here's hoping that the mayor continues to maintain his sense of humor as he tackles the difficult job ahead of him.

Anthony Pinto


What's this? Humor in high places?

A new mayor responds to a knee-in-the-groin editorial with a lighthearted (indeed, funny) rebuke to our town's only daily. And the august editors feature it on their letters page, bad handwriting and all. A nice gesture.

Whatever the merits of the Brody brouhaha, this strikes an elderly chap as a welcome and hopeful way to start a new year.

The grim, hard work of winning back our city for the many who love it will be difficult indeed. Strong differences will surface between those who make the news and those who cover it.

But these conflicts will be leavened by a mutual sense of humor. That virtue can get one past some tough days. It's good to see this young mayor display it.

Milton Bates


Edward Brody deserved better . . .

I was saddened to read that the mayor would not allow Edward J. Brody a second term on Baltimore's school board.

I've been associated with Mr. Brody for 21 years. He is dedicated, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and effective.

His dismissal will truly have a negative impact on Baltimore City and our children.

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