90 artworks by pupils on display at Hampstead Town Hall


January 12, 2000|By Pat Brodowski | Pat Brodowski,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

AN EXHIBIT OF 90 artworks by children from Hampstead and Spring Garden Elementary schools is on display through next month at Hampstead Town Hall, 1034 S. Carroll St.

The children, in first through fifth grade, are taught by art teachers Jan VanBibber and Brigitte Delzingaro of Spring Garden Elementary School and Barbara Hammond of Hampstead Elementary School.

The large and colorful exhibit shows how the children have explored world cultures and famous artists through art projects.

The public may view the show during regular Town Hall hours -- 8: 30 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m. Monday through Friday -- and when evening public meetings are held.

Large papier-mache masks inspired by study of Native American cultures are on exhibit by Spring Garden fifth-graders. The colors in the masks symbolize human virtues.

A mask by Nicholas Ros shows a face with a beak grasping a fish, with red symbolizing quickness, black stealth, and blue integrity. Other masks are by Billy Barnes, Erin Fitzgerald, Annie Gallagher, Kelly Hoover, Mike Meagher, Emily Murray, Katie Rogers, Ashton Spenner, Nick Strayer, Allyson Tacy and Emily Thomas.

Fifth-graders from Hampstead Elementary must have enjoyed their study of Matisse, for they created a heavily patterned, colorful set in which they posed for paintings by classmates.

Matisse-inspired paintings are by Jena Creamer, Rachael Dell, Amy Green, Gradley Green, Trevor Huey, Billy Lang, Emily Tocknell, Kim Schaub, Molly Schoming, Melissa Schmidt, Leah Smith and Alicia Warren.

Portraiture is studied in third grade at Spring Garden with delicately cut paper and collage materials. Self-portraits are by: Cara Corsaro, Julie Douglas, Carrie Garvey, Nick Reitz, Amanda Robbins, Chris Sainz, Holly Sandberg, Jeremy Seipp, Michael Standiford and Susie Woltz.

Heads turn in fourth grade. Pupils drew the back of their classmates' heads. These unusual portraits are the work of Jenna Brown, Alyssa Jarkowiec, Brennan Opper, Hannah Pace, Kevin Somers and Megan Smith.

Pupils from Hampstead Elementary composed startling cut-paper relief masks. These works are by Alexander Alford, Sam Elder, Kelsey Eckenrode, Noelle Fisher, Jared Naumann, Rachel Newman and Elska Williams.

Imaginative pencil drawings of dragons are by Blair Darsch, Tyler Pack and Christina Sharkey of Hampstead Elementary, and dragons drawn and painted with watercolor are by Vanessa Junkin, Abigail Murray and Alfred Yeager of Spring Garden Elementary.

Children painted their views of winter snowmen or landscapes at Hampstead Elementary. These works are by Sarah Crue, David Gribben (who painted a parade of snowmen), Nikki Krug, William Fiske (who painted holiday lights), Stephanie Hunt and Christine Schmidt.

Two ideas about transportation in the future are on display by Deanna Campbell and Jeremy Reed, plus figure paintings by Meghan Grimm and Caroline King, all from Hampstead Elementary.

The decorative fabric paintings of the Cuna of Mexico are interpreted in cut-paper mola designs by Andrew Clark, Tim Dittman, Amanda Knights, Julia Leutner and Abigail Murray of Spring Garden Elementary.

Look for the pencil drawing of a crab by Ben Piet, cut-paper leopard mask by Catherine Fitzgerald, and freehand computer drawings by Sara Hollands, Bailey Leidy and Mike Meghee.

Kayla Oxendine shows an owl in oil pastel. An unusual collage of watercolor landscape viewed through a window is the work of Jillian Blizzard.

Rich colors on black paper depict fall pumpkins by Megan Dell, Russell Gehret, Cassie Glover, Dan Logsdon and Joey Zebec. Pupils created cut-paper relief houses in a landscape inspired by van Gogh, including Ashley Phipps, Nick Hildebrand, Kevin Jones and Hannah Pace, all pupils at Spring Garden Elementary.

Hampstead Town Hall is one block west of Main Street, between Houcksville and Shiloh roads.

Information: 410-374-2761.

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