Cookies updated with dip in chocolate


January 12, 2000|By Joanne E. Morvay

Item: Pepperidge Farm Decadent Cookies Chocolate Collection

What you get: 32 cookies

Cost: About $7

Preparation time: Open box and serve

Review: Pepperidge Farm has taken a selection of its best-loved treats and dressed them up by dipping them in that most popular cookie finery, chocolate. The result is a collection that easily rivals those popular tins of gourmet cookies. Bordeaux, Milano, Geneva and Tahiti are among the company's trademarked flavors that have been updated. As the Pepperidge Farm commercials advise, don't share these with the kids. These cookies are meant to be savored by adults and are best enjoyed with a spot of hot tea, rich coffee or even mulled cider.

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