Save on food, and buy stocks

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January 12, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

"DO YOU feel you don't have enough money to buy stocks or mutual funds?" asks Better Investing. "People who feel that way probably do have enough. They should take a closer look at expenses. For example, eat breakfast at home instead of buying that bagel and coffee. Pack a lunch instead of going to the cafeteria. You don't need much money to start. Many companies allow you to invest small amounts regularly through dividend-reinvestment plans."

RESOLUTION: Kiplinger's Personal Finance Advisor says, "Right after New Year's Day, make a checklist of financial information for your family in case something happens to you -- bank and brokerage accounts, credit card numbers, insurance policies, etc. Give copies to your spouse, lawyer and whomever you've given power of attorney."

SIDELIGHTS: "Total returns of mutual funds managed by big retail brokerage firms trailed the industry average over the last three years." (Sanford Bernstein & Co.)

WALL ST. WATCH: "The huge, continuing decline in market breadth tells us we're heading toward a profit squeeze or recession. There's trouble ahead." (Richard Russell's Dow Theory Letter)

"The Nasdaq's hot 1999 performance could accelerate in January, dwarfing some gigantic moves we've already seen." (James Cramer, hedge fund manager)

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