In stores now: MP3 player

January 10, 2000|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

The good news is that neophytes and propeller heads alike can buy Music Match Jukebox in stores without the hassle of downloading it and paying online by credit card, something that many are reluctant to do.

Then, with this superb MP3 music player loaded, you can seek out thousands of music titles available on the Web or take your own CDs and convert them to computer files using the Fraunhofer MP3 compression software.

Included is a 6-foot cord that will pump music out through the computer's own speakers or a dedicated music system.

In addition to its creation function (called "ripping"), the $30 Jukebox serves as a CD music player -- bringing Internet features to the process of simply listening to discs loaded into a CD-ROM drive. If your computer is online, the software logs on to a database and downloads the title of every track on the CD, and lets you customize such features as play order and equalizer settings.

The Windows 95/98 software also plays the streaming music available online that allows you to sample tunes before wasting time downloading dogs.

Information: 858-385-8360 or

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