Getting good at 'g'



In today's read-aloud story, Geraldine the Goat has a fur coat that's turned into a rug. The letter "g" also turns into something else. Show your child that the letter "g" actually has two sounds. The hard sound is g as pronounced in the word "goat," and the soft "g" borrows its sound from the letter "j" as in the word "giant." With this activity, help your child discover the rule that explains when "g" has the soft sound.

First, print the words below on a piece of paper leaving space between each. Give your child red and green crayons, ask her to say the word and then put a red circle around the soft sound of the "g" words and a green square around the hard sound of the "g" words. goat, gentle, grapes, giant, gum, game, gym, ginger, germ, glove, gem, glass, gift, grin, gypsy, glue

Did you figure out the rule? "G" says j when followed by the vowels e,i or y. The same rule applies to the letter "c," which is pronounced as k for the hard sound (cat, coat, cut) and s for the soft sound (cent, city, cycle).

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