50 years ago: "Officer Day To Take Fingerprint Course...


January 09, 2000

50 years ago: "Officer Day To Take Fingerprint Course" -- Mayor Joseph L. Mathias has announced the assignment of H. LeRoy Day of the Westminster Police Department to the fingerprint school being sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The school is being conducted daily from Monday, January 9, to Friday, January 13, and is being held in the Post Office Building in Baltimore The course is instructed by an FBI fingerprint expert from the FBI Identification Division at Washington, and covers the subject of Identification, Collection and Filing of Fingerprints.

At the conclusion of the course, Officer Day will be qualified to establish and operate under the supervision of Chief of Police Charles L.Seipp, a complete Police Identification Bureau -- Democratic Advocate, January 13, 1950.

75 years ago: The Parent, Teacher and Citizen's Association of the Linwood School held another very successful meeting on Wednesday night, January 7, when over one hundred men, women and children gathered in costume and masked, as though loath to give up the holiday spirit and eager to enter the New Year with a kind thought for every one. Truly it was a beautiful and really brilliant scene when the judges called the jolly masqueraders to fall in line and march in review that they might judge who were worthy of the prizes to be awarded.

However after some deliberation it was unanimously decided that "Aunt Jemima" and her more dignified companion, "Aunt Dinah," were a tie for honors as the very best, so each received a prize and Bob and Elmer the rest of the evening showed their gratitude by helping to keep the fun going. Then Mrs. Calvin Binkley received a prize for the most original costume representing as she did the little "Dutch Cleanser Girl," and throughout the evening gave evidence of her disapproval of "Charley Chaplin's" ardent admiration as too frivolous for one of her domestic tastes. -- Union Bridge Pilot, January 9, 1925.

100 Years Ago: "Presentation to Mr. George W. Albaugh." -- A very interesting event and an enjoyable function occurred at the Hotel Westminster on Tuesday evening last, in honor of Mr. George W. Albaugh, through whose enterprise that magnificent hostelry was erected, bringing Westminster to a level with the leading cities of the State in the character of its hotel accommodations.The hotel enterprise was not the only public spirited act of Mr. Albaugh which the projectors of the presentation in his honor had in view in the matter. It was intended as a recognition of the improvements which have been made in this city, through various enterprises in which he has been the leading spirit. The purpose to thus honor Mr. Albaugh was conceived by Mr. A. H. Huber, and it took the form of a half-length portrait, in pastel, by Mr. L. P. Dieterich, of Baltimore, a very skillful artist, painted from a photograph in a most beautiful nianner and preserving a wonderfully lifelike picture of its subject. -- American Sentinel, January 13, 1900.

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