Invest wisely, spend carefully

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January 07, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

ADVICE for the new year:

"If you want to buy tax-free bonds, do it now. The availability of new municipal issues is in a supply squeeze as people buy municipal bonds to avoid stock market volatility." (Ken Naehu, investment adviser)

"Ultimately, there's only one thing you need to know about stocks. Over a decade or longer, stock prices inevitably follow corporate profit growth. And we can expect companies to continue to boost earnings, even if not at the same rate of the past five years." (Michael Sivy in Money, Jan.)

"People who lose money in stocks are usually `traders,' those who jump in and out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis -- and people out to get rich quick." (Better Investing)

"In pre-retirement years, we'll probably accumulate more money than we expect. And we'll probably do worse in retirement, so spending needs to be managed with great care." (Worth, Feb.)

WALL ST. WATCH: "Continue to exercise caution because this highly divergent, though profitable, market does not look healthy." (Cabot Market Letter)

"On a historical basis, we now begin a period that has consistently produced a meaningful stock market decline followed by a meaningful rise." (Dick Davis Digest, Dec. 27)

"Bonds are now an extraordinary buy. Bullish bond sentiment is nonexistent -- a contrarian buy signal." (Rabbitt Market Strategy)

"Our forecast for 2000 calls for yet another year of gains of 20 percent or more." (The Option Advisor)

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