Low-fat patties of salmon make tasty sandwiches


January 05, 2000|By Joanne E. Morvay

* Item: Vita Salmon Burgers

* What you get: 4 burgers

* Cost: About $4

* Preparation time: 4 minutes broiled in toaster oven, 5 minutes fried in pan, cooking time on grill varies

* Review: Take these salmon "burgers" at face value, and you won't be let down. These are not salmon cakes made with ample breading, spices, etc. The thin patties (97 percent fat-free, according to the package) are lightly seasoned salmon with a minimal amount of breading, pressed into burger form. My mother-in-law and I thought they made tasty fish sandwiches. My husband was less impressed, preferring salmon cakes instead.

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