" 'Pippi Goes on Board' by Astrid Lindgren is about a...


January 05, 2000

" 'Pippi Goes on Board' by Astrid Lindgren is about a little girl who does things by herself. Pippi doesn't have a mother because her mother died when she was young. Pippi has two good friends named Annika and Tommy. Pippi has two red ponytails on the side of her head. Pippi has small feet, but she wears these big, black shoes. I would recommend this book."

-- Audrea Alston, Eutaw Marshburn Elementary

" 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl is a great book for candy lovers. Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who gets a chance to visit an exciting chocolate factory. The factory is full of unusual adventures. My favorite part is the end when something amazing happens to Charlie."

-- Shuey Greer, Talmudical Elementary

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