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January 05, 2000


MIA HAMM KICKED OFF THE MIA HAMM foundation in 1999. The foundation raises money to fight bone-marrow diseases. It also runs camps and clinics for young girls interested in soccer.

What inspired you to start a foundation?

My brother Garrett died from a bone marrow disease. He was an inspiration to me. I want to help other people who have Garrett's condition. I also want to be a role model for girls and help young female athletes. Sports can help girls grow into confident women.

Do you have any advice for young female athletes?

Have fun, work hard, and never give up! Sports can teach you many of life's most important lessons. But sports should always be fun.


What is the most common number in professional sports?

-- Brett P., 12, Houston

Eighty-eight athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, WNBA and Major League Baseball wear No. 20. The list includes the NBA's Gary Payton and the MLB's Jorge Pasada. (How many No. 20s can you name?) The second-most-common number is 21, which is worn by 84 pros.


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