Former teacher is 1999 winner

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January 05, 2000|By Julius Westheimer

ON DEC. 31, 1999, when the Dow Jones average closed at 11,497.12, Mrs. Kathy Karpers of Towson, a former schoolteacher, became our contest winner with her forecast of year-end DJ 11,500. Her prediction was made last February, when the Dow hovered around 9,300.

Mrs. Karpers and her husband will be dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ticker at the winner's favorite restaurant, the Brass Elephant.

Second place goes to Mark Banfield of Chester Spring, Pa., a financial planner who predicted DJ 11,490. He and a guest will have lunch with us at a restaurant not yet selected.

Each of the next 10 closest contestants, listed in order of excellence, will receive an autographed copy of my book, "Generation of Wealth." They are:

Luke Terry Jr., Sykesville; Jane Epstein, Baltimore; La Verne Barnett, Baltimore; Karen Hunt, Bel Air; Peggy Cochran, Glen Burnie; Randolph Sonderman, Baltimore; Linda Martin, Catonsville; Helen Waskey, Severna Park; Joanne Jesilonis, Ellicott City; and Lawrence Goldberg, Hunt Valley.

WALL STREET WATCH: "The stock market has been a loser in six of the seven final years of second presidential terms over 176 years." (2000 Stock Trader's Almanac)

"Manias have little to do with logic. The argument is used to point out the foolishness of trying to argue the current market extremes are not signs of a bubble or a mania." (Peter Eliades' Cycles)

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