Looking ahead

January 03, 2000


The Ravens' non-AFC Central schedule for 2000:

Home: San Diego, New York Jets, Dallas.

Away: Miami, Washington, Arizona.

Draft pick

The Ravens hold the Atlanta Falcons' top draft pick for 2000. If Atlanta loses tonight to San Francisco, the Ravens will get the No. 3 overall pick. If the Falcons win, the Ravens get the No. 5 pick. Also, the Redskins will get the Saints' first-round pick:

If Falcons lose tonight:

1. Cleveland 2-14

2. New Orleans 3-13

3. Atlanta* 4-12

4. Cincinnati* 4-12

If Falcons win tonight:

1. Cleveland 2-14

2. New Orleans 3-13

3. Cincinnati 4-12

4. San Francisco 4-12

5. Atlanta* 5-11

6. Philadelphia* 5-11

*-Atlanta gets higher pick because its opponents' 1999 cumulative record is worse than Cincinnati's or Philadelphia's.

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