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January 03, 2000

Author and illustrator David Macaulay (pictured) yakked with us while on tour for the 25th celebration of his book, "Cathedral." David -- famous for his books about building things, from cathedrals to castles -- has a new book out called "Building the Book: Cathedral."

David chose to make architecture his career, only it wasn't much fun for him. So he decided to write a fantasy story about gargoyles -- those funny, weird stone creatures on old buildings. But David's editor liked his drawing of a cathedral and suggested he do a book on the making of a cathedral.

So David went to work, not just as an illustrator, but as a writer.

"I had been taught that writing was more difficult, more demanding," said David. But he has tips for kids who feel that way: "Just get those ideas down. Don't worry about starting with 'Once upon a time.' "

Any other tips for young writers? Just be curious. "Curiosity is what feeds the imagination," David said.

-- Cathy Collison


This week's Brainy-Yak question:

The coldest temperature recorded on Earth was -129o Fahrenheit in 1983. Do you know where this cold spot was?

A. McDonald Ice Rumples, Antarctica

B. Barrow, Alaska

C. Vostok, Siberia (Russia)

D. Axel Heiberg Island, Canada

E. Halv, Greenland


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