Friendship Valley pupils read for 2,000 hours to help others

January 02, 2000|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

At Friendship Valley Elementary School, pupils came to the library, read and hit their mark.

The Westminster school began a program called Read for 2000 last month. The pupils' goal: Read for 2,000 hours by Dec. 19 for charity. The school's PTO promised to buy 200 books and donate them to worthy causes, including giving to another school in a less affluent area, if pupils reached their goal.

The final tally was 2,080 hours, according to first-grade teacher and program coordinator Cheryl Watt. Watt said she hopes pupils learned the enjoyment of reading.

"It's the habit they hopefully developed," she said. "Now, if they're looking for a game to play or for something to do, they'll pick up a book."

In addition to the PTO's contribution, Random House Inc.'s warehouse, Locust Books and Target Stores -- all of Westminster -- offered the school money or more reading material to give away.

Friendship Valley -- whose library is fully stocked -- donated the books to William Pinderhughes Elementary in Baltimore; to a Christmas toy drive run by the Maryland Troopers Association and Westminster Volunteer Fire Department; the pediatric unit at Carroll County General Hospital; and a women's shelter and family support center, both human services programs in Carroll County.

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