Being good sports


January 02, 2000|By Sloane Brown

A disco floor, black lights, an old VW beetle and '70s icons painted on the walls made the Baltimore Sports and Social Club's first annual holiday party an out-of-sight happening. About 150 guests grooved to the music and mood at the recently opened Have A Nice Day Cafe, raising more than $4,000 for the Children's House at Johns Hopkins.

Among those making the scene: Mike Cray, owner of the Baltimore Sports and Social Club, an organization for sports-loving adults; former Baltimore Colts Tony Linhart and Artie Donovan; Baltimore Ravens players Stoney Case, Spencer Folau and Mike Flynn; Baltimore Blast players Derrick Marcano, Ronnie Simmons, Tarik Walker, J.J. Kremer, Danny Santoro and Paul Wright; National Hockey League referee Tim Nowak; Vanessa O'Brey, pharmaceutical sales rep for Astra-Zeneca; Terry Hickey, director of Community Law in Action; Mary Wells, New York City singer-songwriter; and B.J. Crouch, customer business manager with Nabisco Foods.

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