A Year of Moving Pictures

January 01, 2000

Photographs speak to us -- a single moment in time captured forever and interpreted through varying eyes of experience. Drawn to images by compassion, joy or curiosity, each of us sees a meaning individual to our souls. It's not often that we're privileged to know what attracted the camera-wielder's eye. But The Sun's 19 photographers have bared their perceptions and inspirations here, allowing us a view of life through each of the 19 picture-takers' favorite photo from 1999, along with the story behind the image.

All of the pictures were taken while the photographers were on assignment for The Sun; some are published here for the first time.

Doug Kapustin : Sun Staff

TSAVO EAST NATIONAL PARK, Kenya, July 16 -- A herd of zebra run through a dusty late afternoon in Kenya. Working on a medical story in Kenya this summer gave reporter Doug Birch and me the opportunity to see some horrific scenes of Third World distress. On a respite between visiting clinics, it also gave us the opportunity to view magnificence seen only in documentaries and photographs. Gazing at a thirsty herd of elephants at a water hole or this running group of zebra in Tsavo East National Park, we had to remind ourselves that these were animals in the wild, not in a zoo or circus. This was life as it's been here for the ages. It was a welcome break from the sadness there.

Karl Merton Ferron : Sun Staff

BEL AIR Aug. 2 -- Evan LaPenotiere, 9, runs during a game with his friends as dusk settles during a summer evening in the neighborhood beside his home.

Everything about this assignment -- photographing the child of a librarian and how he spent his summer -- fit into place like Lego blocks. I had two other nice moments on film, but this one, where Evan played a game of "tag" with his friends as the sun set, really showed the joys of being a kid.

John Makely : Sun Staff

ENTERPRISE, Ala., Jan. 7 -- After the bank foreclosure auction of his chicken farm, Tom Greene walks home with his grandson, Mason, 2. One of the subjects of a 1999 Sun series, Greene was forced out of the chicken business in Enterprise, Ala. This image has remained one of my favorites through the year, not because of composition or lighting, but because of the grace and dignity this family showed while faced with a bad situation. At a time when most of us would probably crater and look for a shoulder to lean on, Greene was the one reassuring his neighbors and friends. He even had a hug for his bank officer.

David Hobby : Sun Staff

COLUMBIA, Nov. 3 -- Jimmy Mathis, of Mt. Airy, removes a white oak tree as part of a $100,000 tree replacement program. The money will go to fell and replace trees that have died over the last few years. Mathis is on the Howard County public works "tree crew."

I've always been a sucker for nice light, and without it this photograph would have been very mundane. I thought the combination of back light and suspended sawdust gave the scene a very surreal quality. Unfortunately, most of the sawdust seemed to find its way into my camera, lenses, hair, clothes and lungs.

Barbara Haddock Taylor : Sun Staff

RUXTON, July 29 -- Art photographer Connie Imboden does underwater nude photography. Here, she works in her backyard pool, photographing model Lisa Hoang of Baltimore.

This is my most memorable photo of the year. I had never photographed underwater and was worried about how the photo would turn out. I was pleased with the results but owe most of the credit to Imboden, who provided me with one of her extra underwater cameras, and the help of one of her assistants, who held the strobe light. Her work is quite beautiful, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have met her.

Andre F. Chung : Sun Staff

SCHOEMANDAL, South Africa, May 22 -- After spending two weeks in South Africa working on a series for The Sun, I found myself at a political rally for the ruling African National Congress party just hours before my flight home. The electricity that ran through the people was indicative of the hope and promise that millions of South Africans have for their future. What was most striking to me was the way the youth were engaged. They not only felt the energy, but they were also contributing their own, in ways that I have rarely seen here at home. It was a beautiful thing to bring home with me.

Linda Coan : Sun Staff

BROOKLYN, N.Y., July 21 -- Ever feel as if you're being watched? While on assignment in New York, this scene outside the Brooklyn Museum of Art caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was not published, but it still sticks out in my mind as one of my favorites of the year. There's no story behind this picture; I'm just drawn to the vibrant color and graphic content of the photo.

Jed Kirschbaum : Sun Staff

ANNAPOLIS, Sept. 14 -- At Maryland Hall Melody Hession, 5, of Annapolis, practices a pirouette before her ballet class with Eileen Razzetti.

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