Richard Yardley


December 05, 1999

Although Richard "Moco" Yardley was a contemporary of Edmund Duffy, they might as well have lived on different planets, with Yardley inhabiting the more daft and distant of the two. Born in Baltimore in 1903, he became a hometown institution with his whimsical cartoons.

He joined this newspaper in 1923 as an artist-retoucher for The Evening Sun and before the end of the decade had established himself as a backpage local cartoonist. His hilarious insights had Marylanders laughing as frequently as Duffy's angry cartoons moved them to outrage. When Duffy left The Sun in 1948, Yardley moved over to the editorial page, where he took on the whole wide world.

Illness forced Yardley into retirement in 1972 and he died in Baltimore in 1979.

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