Gene Rayburn, 81, the jocular host who winked at double...

Deaths Elsewhere

December 04, 1999

Gene Rayburn, 81, the jocular host who winked at double entendres during TV's popular "Match Game," died in Gloucester, Mass., on Monday of congestive heart failure. "Match Game" was the top game show during much of the 1970s. Contestants would try to match answers to nonsense questions with a panel of celebrities; the references were often vaguely naughty for daytime TV.

Dorothy Allison, 74, a renowned police psychic who helped locate the hideouts of Patty Hearst's kidnappers and later gave an accurate description of "Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz, died in Newark, N. J., on Wednesday of heart failure. Ms. Allison located two hideouts where the Hearst kidnappers stayed in 1974, and correctly predicted that Ms. Hearst would rob a bank with her kidnappers. She also said that Berkowitz would be captured on a traffic violation.

Fritz Fischer, 91, a historian who angered fellow Germans by writing that Germany purposely entered World War I for expansionist reasons, died Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany.

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