The oddest things sell on eBay

November 29, 1999|By Knight Ridder/Tribune

Online auction bids for a human kidney recently reached $5.7 million, while offers for 500 pounds of choice marijuana were up to $10 million. Officials at eBay stopped them both but still don't know whether they were hoaxes or not.

Either way, the incidents quickly took their place in the pantheon of odd, ridiculous and amazing stuff tucked among the millions of items up for bid each day.

One man remembers finding an auction for a human soul, but didn't bid because it wasn't ready to be collected.

The hunt for dubious treasures has spawned Web sites devoted to sharing the best of the worst. Some recent entries:

A tableau of 11 people, made entirely of seashells, all playing blackjack.

A 14-karat gold pendant of a miniature casket, inscribed, "Rest in Peace."

A set of refrigerator magnets depicting Michelangelo's David in drag.

A fishing hat made entirely of fish skin.

A real stuffed frog playing bongos.

A signed photograph of Clara "Where's the beef?" Peller.

A 1920s portable home funeral kit, with crushed velvet drapes, a mourning table and a body cover.

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