Table tennis goes high-tech

November 29, 1999

It sounds like tennis, it scores like tennis, but where's that fuzzy yellow ball?

Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, recently introduced Laser Tennis, a scaled-down version of table tennis with a gimmick: Players with child-sized plastic rackets chase a red "ball" of light around the "court."

The $40 game can be played by a single player against a computer or by two players.

The package includes a folding 40-by-19-inch court (the color of a red clay court, if you really use your imagination), with a yellow starburst in the center, two rackets and the light-producing mechanism. Electronic tennis sounds accompany the players' lobs, serves and smashes, and a mechanical "announcer" keeps a running score.

Players hit the "ball" with a forward-pushing movement, rather than a full swing, to reflect the light to the opponent's side of the court. (Not exactly championship form.)

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Beverly Beyette

Los Angeles Times

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