Shriver deserves praiseI had the pleasure of attending Pam...


November 28, 1999

Shriver deserves praise

I had the pleasure of attending Pam Shriver's annual Tennis Challenge at the Baltimore Arena last week. Through a painful year of losing her husband, Joe Shapiro, and a faithful intern, Eleanor Brooks, just last week, Pam has remained focused on her goal of helping the Baltimore community and related children's charities.

She has become a Baltimore icon and a role model for young women everywhere. With all that is wrong in sports and the world in general, one thing steadfastly remains very right: Pam Shriver.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of seats that went unsold for a very worthwhile event. The citizens of Baltimore should make sure that we make next year's event a sellout. The children and Pam deserve nothing less.

Jeff Mariner, Towson

Preston's no expert

In the Nov. 19 sports section, Ravens reporter Mike Preston questions whether Brian Billick can coach, or if he can just "talk a good game?" This is the same reporter who on Nov. 7 predicted that Tim Couch would throw a late touchdown pass, enabling the hapless Browns to beat the Ravens. The Ravens won, 41-9.

I'm a Ravens fan and I have all the faith in the world that Coach Billick will turn this team around. Concerning Preston and his expertise, I just wonder where The Sun finds these people.

Larry Komenda, Abingdon

Some fans are useless

As not only a season-ticket holder since the Ravens' arrival, but also as a football fan in general, I was physically ill while reading a letter in The Sun last Sunday in which the writer complains about having to wait in line at concession stands and to use facilities.

His suggestion that Ravens-game attendees have a hand stamp so that toilets are not crowded just goes to show that we have some useless football fans here in Baltimore.

Calvin Jefferson, Towson

Coaching doomed Terps

I and I'm sure many of my fellow alumni watched in absolute amazement at how well the Maryland players fought to win the Virginia game on Nov. 20, only to have it taken away from them by a totally inept coaching staff.

Coach Ron Vanderlinden said the out-of-bounds play by Randall Jones with a little over a minute to play was a "real snafu."

Well, Ron, did it ever occur to you that you and/or your staff should have called the offense together before the last offensive series and at least cautioned the players to not run out of bounds and stop the clock?

That type of basic coaching acumen was missing all year.

Clayton L. Warrington, Earleville

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