An agitated Miss Piggy left in mud

In her fourth race, filly finishes 8th of 9 at Laurel

November 28, 1999|By Sandra McKee

When Mary Bo Quoit, the filly otherwise known as Miss Piggy and whose life is being chronicled in The Sun, finished the fourth race of her career yesterday at Laurel Park, her jockey, Mario Verge, was splattered with pasty dirt thrown up by the other horses who passed her.

"She was just upset and didn't want to run," said Verge, who had been encouraged by Mary Bo Quoit's performance a month ago, when she recovered from a bad stumble and raced to the finish.

"Today, she didn't try," Verge said. "She felt like she'd run a race before she got to the starting gate."

Mary Bo Quoit finished eighth in the nine-horse fifth race.

"As long as she's sound, we've got a horse to work with," said her trainer, JoAnne Hughes. "But I guess it's back to the drawing board. She has some female trouble, and I might have to change her medication." Hughes declined to elaborate further.

Hughes said she isn't surprised by Mary Bo Quoit's slow career start. She said she didn't expect the horse to be much of a sprinter.

If Mary Bo Quoit recovers well from this race, Hughes said, she will try to find her another start in the next 14 to 21 days. She said she also will consider sending her to a race in Charles Town, W.Va., if she believes that is the best spot for her.

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