Woman hit by stone in N.Y. recovering, brother says

He says his sister does not seem to recall being attacked in midtown


NEW YORK -- Twelve days after she was struck in the head with a stone, Nicole Barrett is talking more with her family and friends but has not mentioned the attack on a midtown street, her brother said yesterday.

Scott Barrett said he did not think that his sister, 27, remembers what happened to her, although he had not asked her about the attack.

She still slurs words and mixes them up, but she recognizes her family and seems more alert, he said. She underwent surgery to relieve swelling in her brain.

She had improved enough to be moved to a private room in the neurology ward on Friday from the intensive care unit, said John Clark, a spokesman for Bellevue Hospital Center. He said that she remained in stable condition.

Scott Barrett said that his parents were discussing options for his sister's rehabilitation, including taking her home to Texas, but they had not yet made any decision.

"It would be easier for us back home," he said. "But we have to wait for what the doctors say."

Nicole Barrett, an office worker who moved to New York last year from Athens, Texas, was hit with a 6-pound paving stone while walking near 42nd Street and Madison Avenue on Nov. 16. Police said yesterday that they had not identified any suspects in the attack.

Sgt. Rafael Andalia said that while officials had spoken with Ms. Barrett's doctors and relatives, they had not interviewed her. "Right now, we're concerned with her health more than anything else," he said.

Last week, Nicole Barrett's former drill team instructors at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens visited her at Bellevue. The school band and its Cardettes drill team dancers wore purple ribbons in her honor during their performance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Barrett watched the Trinity students on television. "She smiled when the Cardettes were dancing, but she didn't talk about it afterward," her brother said.

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