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Books Of The Region : 1999

November 28, 1999|By James H. Bready | James H. Bready,Special to the Sun

Closing time, for the 1900s. Herewith, a publishing census of the past year's books by Marylanders, or about Maryland, that would hold interest for a general reader. A companion installment, covering other subheadings, will appear next week. Congratulations to the authors -- 1999 has been a fecund year in these parts. (O) means oversize. (P) means paperbound.


"Painting the Eastern Shore: A Guide to Chesapeake and Delaware Places and How to Capture Them in Watercolors," by James Drake Iams (Johns Hopkins, 105 pages, $32.95). A newcomer may find Iams' own (reproduced) artworks hard to equal.

"Wladimir de Terlikowski, His Life and Art," by Bennard B. Perlman (W. Vance Brown, 188 pages, $60). A Polish expatriate whose milieux included French countryside and Venice.

"Baltimore Album Legacy," by Elly Sienkiewicz (C & T Publishing, 40 pages, $16.95) (O) (P). Modern homage to the 1800s' famous Baltimore pattern quilts.

Biography, Autobiography

"William and Henry Walters, the Reticent Collectors," by William R. Johnston (Johns Hopkins, 310 pages, $39.95). A definitive study of the father-and-son millionaires who gave Baltimore art-world standing.

"William Osler: A Life in Medicine," by Michael Bliss (Oxford, 581 pages, $35). Johns Hopkins Hospital's first physician-in-chief, until Oxford grabbed him.

"William Donald Schaefer, A Political Biography," by C. Fraser Smith (Johns Hopkins, 310 pages, $39.95). Recent times' most famous Baltimorean, and how that happened.

"Soul Connection: Memoir of a Birthmother's Healing Journey," by Ann H. Hughes (Otter Bay, 264 pages, $14.95) (P). The search, movingly told, for a daughter long ago put up for adoption.

"Down on the Shore," by Adele V. Holden (Woodholme, 250 pages, $21.95). A Baltimore professor recalls childhood in a repressive Eastern Shore.

"Mordecai: The Man and His Message," by Richard I. McKinney (Howard University Press, 349 pages, $21.95) (P). The 24 years of Mordecai Johnson's presidency saw Howard University in Washington go mainstream.

"A Cup of Honey: The Story of a Young Holocaust Survivor," by Neile Sue Friedman (Smelkinson, 237 pages, $22). The Nazis send teen-age Lazorek Hershenfis to Polish, then German, then Austrian concentration camps; liberated, he settles in Israel as Eliezer Ayalon. A replay of wartime horrors, well and simply told.

"Nat King Cole," by Daniel Mark Epstein (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 438 pages, $27). The singer, dead 27 years but still famous; the first black to have his own network TV show. A detailed, insightful account.

"The Big Picture," by Dr. Ben Carson with Gregg Lewis (Zondervan, 271 pages, $12.99). From the noted Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, opinion on current issues -- and inspiration.

"Terra Infirma: A Memoir of My Mother's Life in Mine," by Rodger Kamenetz (Schoken/ Random House, 116 pages, $18). A Baltimore Jewish mother who sometimes came close to smothering her son the poet -- but not quite.

"John McCain: An American Odyssey," by Robert Timberg (Simon and Schuster, 227 pages, $13). The Arizona senator now challenging the Texas governor.

Chesapeake Bay

"Chesapeake Invader: Discovering America's Giant Meteor Crater," by C. Wylie Poag (Princeton, 183 pages, $24.95). Not until the 1980s was it discovered that a massive Eocene meteor had walloped what is now the base of Chesapeake Bay. The crater is 50 miles across.

"Green Shingles: At the Edge of Chesapeake Bay," by Peter Svenson (Faber & Faber / Farrar Straus & Giroux, 193 pages, $24.95). The setting beguiles two city types who have settled near Tolchester.


"Through All Our Days: A History of St. Paul's School for Girls," by Mary H. Bready (Braun-Brumfield, 296 pages, $25). (The author is this reviewer's spouse.)

"We Have Kept the Faith: The First 150 Years of the Boys' School of St. Paul's Parish," by Angelo Otterbein (St. Paul's School, 279 pages, $40). Downtown, then the suburbs, narrated by a member of '91.

"Dear Principal: A Behind -the-Scenes Peek at Humor in the Schoolhouse," by Betty Dixon Moreland (Moreland, 62 pages, $10) (P). An Anne Arundel collection of grade-school stories, notes, excuses, misspellings and wrong words.


"30: Pieces of a Novel," by Stephen Dixon (Holt, 672 pages, $30). The complicated story of a writer who lives, teaches and churns out words in Baltimore.

"Sleep," by Stephen Dixon (Consortium, 277 pages, $15.95) (P). A collection of short stories.

"The Falcon at the Portal," by Elizabeth Peters (Barbara Mertz) (Avon, 366 pages, $24). Once again Amelia Peabody, wife to an American Egyptologist, is in danger; who in her entourage is the villain?

"Night Tales," by John Maclay (Maclay, 142 pages, $9.95) (P). Nineteen gothics from a virtuoso in that field.

"Challenge," by John J. Noone (Noble House, 424 pages, $26.95). LaPlata, the 1970s and people who have full lives regardless of handicap.

"The Celestial Connection," by Roman France (Mantle Hood) (Tale Spin, 190 pages, $16.95) (P). A New Age story of near-death experiences.

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