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Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures, Ages 4-6, $29.95, The Learning Company

In today's curriculum, thinking, along with reading, writing and mathematics, is widely recognized as a critical education skill. There are many building blocks to learning, including the ability to recognize new concepts and apply these to new situations. Each child develops and strengthens these critical thinking abilities at a different pace.

"Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures," a two CD-ROM set that helps children ages 4-6 develop thinking skills in fun and imaginative ways, is now available at most toy stores. Children join Reader Rabbit and his friends to help prepare a surprise birthday party for Sam the Lion by playing any one of the eight activities that use thinking strategies to arrive at solutions for given problems. In doing so, they learn and practice problem solving, decision making, logic and reasoning skills.

Here's how it works:

Assesses the child's skills with a fun activity to determine the right starting level in each program.

Develops skills tailored to each individual player.

Adjusts the levels of play automatically to match each player's growing skills.

Provides detailed learning help through the characters who act as tutors during play.

Tracks progress by tabulating strengths and weaknesses in a Progress Report for parents.

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